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“From the moment a client decides to file a discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour, or other complaint, we make sure the client’s position is stated in a clear and concise manner, that they understand the agency they are dealing with, and do it right.”

EEOC Discrimination | Elm Grove, WI | Hynes & Kuhn, S.C. | 262-505-5678

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Filing the Complaint
Our lawyers have substantial experience and/or knowledge in handling discrimination cases and filing complaints with the EEOC, ERD, Dept. of Labor, and other agencies. It is important that these complaints be carefully drafted before they are filed, since the failure to do so can result in losing and/or limiting a client's legal rights, and monetary remedies down the road. If you have already filed a complaint, it can often be amended to correct any defects before the agency concludes its investigation.

Responding to Agency Inquiries and Employers’ Position Statements
Once you have filed your complaint with the EEOC or other appropriate government agency, the employer will typically have the opportunity to respond. At some point, the agency will usually ask you to provide responses/rebuttals to the employer’s arguments. In the alternative, the agency may provide you with a questionnaire or other requests for information, on their own. This is a key point in the proceeding, since your failure to provide effective responses may result in a finding of “No probable cause to believe discrimination has occurred” (or a similar result), add/or the dismissal of your complaint. In our view your leverage, as well as your prognosis for success is much stronger if you focus on providing effective responses (and complete information) to the EEOC or other appropriate agency, so that they will find “Probable cause to believe that discrimination has occurred”. Because of our extensive experience in dealing with the EEOC and other government agencies, and can provide you with the full range of services necessary to ensure that your responses are designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

In employment law, the name of the game is leverage. Also there is a strong emphasis in the field on trying to reach out-of-court settlements through mediation, conciliation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys can assist you in moving through these processes with your eyes open so you do not get taken advantage of, and obtain your best result. Our firm retains a staff of experienced lawyers who know the ins and outs of the administrative agencies, as well as the age old art of effective negotiation. Even if the case cannot be settled, the process is often important to establish your position on the “high ground”, relative to your employer and their attorneys.

Administrative Hearings and Your Day in Court
In the event your case cannot be settled, we stand ready to pursue any and all avenues of litigation and appeal to ensure that your voice is heard and that you get your “day in court”. The procedures involved in pre-hearing discovery and the administrative hearing itself can be substantially different from those involved with the filing of a lawsuit in the state or federal courts. It is therefore important to obtain necessary insights, information, and legal advice to develop a strategy that is appropriate to each of the available forums.

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