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Hynes & Kuhn is a full-service, employment law firm providing strategic advice to employees, managers, and executives who received (or wish to pursue) severance packages or separation agreements, or are confronted with non-competes, discipline or ongoing harassment, termination, or other difficulties at work. The Firm prides itself on providing prompt, practical and cost-effective advice, with an emphasis on resolving the workplace dispute or issue presented, without unnecessarily “burning any bridges”, or inflicting unnecessary harm to the client’s good name, reputation and career path. This may include writing letters, negotiating, mediating, and vigorously pursuing out-of-court resolution, whenever possible.  It also may include aggressively defending the client’s legal rights and/or pursuing litigation in the administrative agencies or courts, where settlement is not feasible.

Our attorneys handle the full gambit of employment law and career transition matters including: (1) review, evaluation and negotiations relating to severance packages, separation agreements, non-competes and confidentially agreements; (2) responses to unwarranted workplace discipline, write ups or performance improvement plans; (3) EEOC, State Equal Rights Division (ERD), Department of Labor, and other agency filings, responses to employer position statements, mediations, settlement negotiations, and administrative hearings; (4) disability, medial leave, accommodation, and return-to-work advice, assistance and negotiations; (5) Cases involving discrimination or retaliation on the basis of age, disability, medial leave, return to work, or requests for reasonable accommodation; gender discrimination or sexual harassment; or discrimination based on military service, sexual orientation, race, religion, or other protected classes; (6) wage and hour claims involving an employer’s failure to pay wages, salary, vacation pay, bonuses, and other compensation or benefits; (7) claims by whistleblowers who are retaliated against or fired for raising concerns about discrimination, wage and hour violations, or illegal or fraudulent activities being engaged in by their employer; (8) exit interviews, COBRA, unemployment compensation appeals, pension and related job transition counseling.

Our approach is to “take the hand you have been dealt” and “play it right”. That begins by listening carefully to your personal account of the facts, then promptly applying the law, as well as our experience and knowledge in the field, to pursuit your objectives. There is no boiler plate case or client. We will go the extra yard to tailor our service and advice to your particular situation. For example, one case may involve a quick review of a severance or separation agreement by a client who is “under the gun” and needs immediate advice. Another case may involve an in-depth response to a disciplinary action or performance improvement plan, or an on-site visit with the employer in a circumstance involving a forced demotion or threatened termination. Yet another case may involve the strategic decision regarding whether an employee should proceed internally or externally with the filing of a harassment or discrimination complaint, and if so, where and how that complaint should be filed. In another instance, we may find ourselves providing “behind the scenes” advice to employees who are facing workplace disability or injures that involve sensitive issues relating to accommodation, time off, and return to work with or without restrictions. This allows the client to get the benefit of competent legal advice, without tipping their hand to the employer and/or without unnecessarily burning any bridges. And should that fail, there is always the final resort –mediation or litigation in the state and federal courts.

The lawyers in our firm are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable professionals who deal with employment law matters on a daily basis. We love our work and pride ourselves on “cutting to the chase” and aggressively pursuing all legal and practical solutions to whatever situation you may bring to us. This is all we do, and we take pride in doing it well.

Jeff Hynes, the firm’s managing shareholder, has been practicing in the field of labor and employment law for over 30 years. Mr. Hynes has worked, and represented employees in both the private and public sectors, and takes the view that most if not all work place disputes and challenges are amenable to resolution, IF the employer has the “resolve” and professionalism to communicate and negotiation in a constructive manner. However, where a negotiated resolution is not feasible, the firm will not hesitate to proceed with the filing of appropriate administrative agency complaints, and/or litigation in the state or federal courts.

Attorney Hynes has an outstanding reputation with his peers, as well as his adversaries. His credentials include being listed as one of Milwaukee’s “Best Lawyers” (Milwaukee Magazine, 1999), being identified as a Wisconsin Super Lawyer in Labor and Employment Law (Law in Politics®/SuperLawyers® 2005-2013) and being identified as one of “Wisconsin’s Top Rated Lawyers” (Legal Leaders™ 2013). Attorney Hynes is also the longstanding President/Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Employment Lawyers Association (1993 to present), a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Labor and Employment Section of the Wisconsin State Bar Association.

Attorney Hynes graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981 with distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, with a B.S. in Economics. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School in 1984. Jeff was raised, attended high school, and resides in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area. Because of these roots, Attorney Hynes can often provide clients with useful insights about Wisconsin employers, particularly those in the Southeastern part of the state.

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